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Introduction of Fuel Oil Filtration System-Acore Filtration Corporation

July 13,2017.

Oil Filtration of Fuel System from Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd. www.acoreoilpurifier.com

The arrangement of the filters in the fuel system is the United States expert Bishop introduced on the aircraft more important filter system applications. There may not be so many filters on a single plane. Some people think that, in addition to the main engine oil filter, the only filter is located in the fuel tank, that the oil tanker to the aircraft fuel tank oil is clean, and do not need to filter. The main oil filter required by the engine shall be specified by the engine manufacturer to ensure the performance of the engine itself. But the actual design of the system is not the case. US PALL company to provide the main engine oil filter, and some other filters provided by other companies (that is, the engine is not only the main oil filter, there are other fuel filter.

When the "clean" fuel is first delivered to the aircraft tank, generally first through a quick release connector. The quick release connector is a coupler that is likely to produce large chips, so the quick release of the connector downstream is fitted with a last chance filter 1 to prevent contaminants from entering the entire fuel system.

After the fuel enters the aircraft tank, pay attention to the suction pump and booster pump suction port of the filter, so there must be a filter 2 to protect these components. For the missile will use the surface tension filter 3, so that the fuel pump to the pump without air to ensure the reliability of fuel delivery. A filter 4 is also added to the ejector pump. The filter 5 is used to protect the suction port of the pump. Any pollutants present in the tank may damage the function of the above components, so the installation of the filter is necessary.

The booster pump protects the suction port with filter 5. The fuel is finally passed through the main system oil filter into the low pressure pump, high pressure pump. There is also between the two pumps to prevent damage to the former pump and affect the post-class pump. The outlet of the high pressure pump has a flush flow filter 10A whose function is to protect the high pressure pump bearing with the servo controller.

The fuel flows into the fuel regulator, which has the inlet, the outlet, and the internal filter to protect the inside of the regulator, such as the coarse adjustment. The oil entering the finely divided portion is passed through the flush filter 10B. The principle of the two flushing filters is the same, while the other filters are barrier mesh filters, ie fluid through the porous material or mesh barrier to filter out dirt. The protection of the shunt is done by the last chance filter 8. Finally, the fuel flow to the main nozzle and start the nozzle. The nozzle may be eroded, so each nozzle should be properly protected.

This is typical of the fuel filter system used to control contaminated aircraft.

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