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Pollution Controlling Of Turbine Oil

April 25,2017.

Turbine Oil Purifier can reduce the pollution of turbine lube oils by removing water, gas and mechanical impurities. Turbine oil is as the working medium in lubricating system, quality performance of oil is the impact of safety and economic operation of the important factors. One of the factors that causes the deterioration of the turbine oil is the pollution of contaminants such as moisture and metal particles. The oil contains water (free water and dissolved water) and high concentrations of metal particles, in addition to bring lubrication performance degradation, corrosion of metal surface, card astringent speed sets, scratch bearing surface etc., but also water and metal particles can accelerate the oxidation of oil and deterioration, reducing oil life. So Lubricating system needs turbine oil purifier to restore performance of turbine oil.

The data show that when there is only metal particles or water in the oil, the impact of oil oxidation and deterioration is not obvious. However, when the metal and water exist at the same time, the rapid increase in oxidation rate, iron particles to speed up the oil 10 times faster, copper particles to make oil oxidation speed 30 times faster. Control of oil in the water or metal particles within the specified range, the oil life can be extended by 3 to 5 times. In this situation, using steam vacuum turbine oil purifier with coalescence and separation technology can bring better results.

Lubricant system, such as metal particles and other solid pollutants, mainly for external invasion and internal generation of two parts, the water from the unit seal gap unreasonable, steam leakage to the bearing chamber and condensed into water, mixed into the oil. As the oil circulation speed, air easy to mix, so the oil and air contact closely, thus accelerating the oxidation of oil, resulting in organic acids, gums, sludge and other secondary pollutants, affecting the anti-emulsifying properties and acid value.

Therefore, in order to control the performance of the oil, to prevent the secondary pollutants, to extend the life of the oil, energy saving to reduce operating costs, to ensure the safe and economic operation of the unit must strengthen the oil system pollution control.

Pollution Control Method of Turbine Oil

Pollution control of turbine oil includes turbine oil to reconcile the production control and operation control. In the process of turbine oil production, the use of filtration methods to remove solid impurities, and the operation of turbine oil pollution control, in addition to solid particles, but also to remove moisture. The pollution levels required for turbine oils are listed in the table below.

Gear Oil Filtration Machine is mainly used for all kinds of gear oil, lubricants, insulating oil and other solid impurities in the special fine filter, especially ordinary oil filtration machine can’t filter the high viscosity oil.  For the only way to filter out mechanical impurities, the machine is more flexible than the vacuum oil purifier, convenient, low cost, and high precision, wide than ordinary pressure filter widely used, long life, constant temperature heating to reduce consistency, do not need to replace Filter paper, filter high precision and stability. Therefore, the gear oil filter is widely used in electric power, manufacturing, automobile, railway, metallurgy, rolling, aviation, mining, etc., for gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil, compressor oil, spindle oil, , And all the lubrication of liquid oil for deep filtration, but not filter ethanol, gasoline and other non-lubricating and flammable liquid.

When the Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier is working, the contaminated oil enters the heater through the inlet through the inlet of the outside air pressure, and the heated oil enters the initial filter. The large particles are filtered and the oil enters the water separator, vacuum separation Device, through a special divergence device. The diffuser creates a large surface area per unit volume of oil, exposing the contaminated oil to an atmosphere of relatively low relative humidity, thereby removing water, air and gas from the oil. Evaporation of water vapor, the gas formed by the mixed gas through the tank and cooler condensed into a liquid, together into the water reservoir, the remaining gas was vacuum pumping out. Remove the oil from the oil pump into the fine filter into the fine filter impurities, that is, to purify the oil, to complete a purification process, according to the amount of water, the need to cycle several times to completely remove the water.

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