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Purification Treatment of Transformer Oil

April 25,2017.

Transformer insulating oils should do purification treatment, as the influence of heat and electric field, the transformer oil in contact with oxygen is gradually oxidized to various oxides, alcohols, aldehydes, acid etc, and form insoluble gum and sludge precipitation. These various oxides reduce the insulation performance of the transformer insulating oil,

Water and gas in transformer oil has two forms: dissolved water and gas (saturation point) are in electric systems. And free water and gas (above the saturation point) are in insulating oil.

Because the system leakage, untight seal, long-term heat load, open storage etc, water and impurities in the air will dissolved in oil.

Untreated transformer oil contains 50 to 60ppm water and 10% to 20% air, in order to reach requirement, it must remove water, gas and impurities under state of rated vacuum and temperature. So the oil during use should be regularly purified by vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System.

Dielectric strength of transformer oil mainly depends on content of water, gas and impurities. Even new oil storage and transportation will has the gas and water, so new oil also should be treated by Transformer Oil Purification System before filling into transformers.

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