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The Importance of Lube Oils

April 25,2017.

Lube oils is very important for running of industrial equipment and mobile construction vehicles, such as excavators, bulldozers, mixers, cranes, rollers, loaders etc. The cleanliness level of lube oil can affect the running life of these engineering trucks. Due to wear and tear of the mechanical components on working, it brings many mechanical impurities in lubricants, and mechanical impurities are oxidized, the oil will be darkened. Otherwise, air contains moisture, moisture dissolves into lube oil and emulsify it, then lube oil becomes white. If Mobile Construction Vehicles continue to running, it will break the mechanical components and make vehicles stop running. So now, it need to replace clean oil. But how do you deal with used lube oil? Abandoning it, which will pollute environment and the cost of replacing with new oil is too high. We can use professional Lube Oil Purifier to clean waste lube oil and make it reach required cleanliness level of reusing.

The Lubricating Oil Filtration can separate water, impurities and harmful gases from oil and recover the properties of oil. Only one investment can get lifetime benefit, the cost is not high. Because the working lifetime of Lube Oil Purifier can be more than 10 years. And oil can be reused again and again after purification, which is very cost-effective. Meanwhile, it also saves cost and protect environment.

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