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Technical Analysis Of Vacuum Oil Dehydrator

April 25,2017.

Anti-rust Oil Dehydrator is mainly consisted of the waterproof additives, anti-rust agent, mineral oil and solvent. With functions of dehydration and anti-rust, it is suitable to cleaning metal parts and gear rust. Metal parts immersed in the anti-rust oil can quickly remove water in surface and attach anti-rust oil film. But in the oil dehydration treatment, it will bleach rust oil and cause pollution. Each year, there is much industrial waste oil, so it becomes very important for factory to process the waste oil.

Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd designed a vacuum oil dehydrator after study the use’s requirement and analyze the sample of rust-proof oil. Following is result after treatment by our oil dehydration cleaning plant:

Before treatment:

1, the appearance of color: brown red black translucent liquid

2, additives: waterproof additives, anti-rust agent.

3, impurities: mechanical impurities, iron foam, powder, dust.

4, density: 0.95 (g / cm3)

5, the flash point (closed): ≥ 65 ℃

6, moisture: 200PPM

7, the use of temperature: room temperature use

After Treatment:

1, the appearance of color: brown-red transparent liquid

2, additives: waterproof additives, anti-rust agent in pure.

3, impurities: None.

4, density: 0.85 (g / cm3)

5, the flash point (closed): ≥ 65 ℃

6, moisture: 50PPM

7, the use of temperature: room temperature use

Technology of Oil Dehydration Plant:

(1)  Oil tank: the bottom of the tank should be designed to be tapered and equipped with drainage valves to regularly remove the deposition at the bottom of the water and contaminants. At the place more than 100 mm to bottom should be equipped with active mesh or porous baffle to prevent the sediment to the effects of dehydration.

(2)  Principle: the use of confidential purely physical mechanical filtration, the oil pressure in the role of the internal and external access to the strong magnetic filter, iron particles are filtered impurities. And then into the secondary filter, small particles of impurities are filtered. And then the oil to the fine filter, filter out the oil 5 um impurities, the output to complete a net oil and refueling process.

(3)  Safety: the whole explosion-proof design of the whole explosion-proof, grade (Exdeib IIBT4) to ensure reliability and security.

(4)   Monitoring: equipped with over pressure alarm shutdown device (measuring the pollution of the filter element) to ensure that the filter will not be damaged due to over pressure blockage, reducing the use of cost to ensure the safety of filtration systems, while reminding the operator of the Clean the filter.

(5)   Daily maintenance: keep the oil clean, transparent, if the filter is still a turbid oil, should be filtered again, must ensure that the weekly inspection of oil dehydration performance.

(6)  Installation: car mobile or fixed can be

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