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Operation Of Vacuum Oil Purifier

April 25,2017.

1.Vacuum Oil Purifier working in the field should be closed to oil tanks, and oil hose should not be too long. For vacuum oil purification machine without inlet pump, the oil hose should be in 10 meters.
2. Oil hoses and restoring tanks should be completely clean and have a good sealing performance.
3. Operation of Vacuum Oil Purifier must be in accordance with manual. When starting the machine, vacuum pumps, oil pumps and heaters should be running to ensure good internal circulation.
4. Waste oil contains a lot of mechanical impurities and free water, these contaminants must be removed out before reusing in industrial equipment. After purification by Vacuum Oil Purifier, the lubricant oils can meet the standards of industrial lubricants.
5. During running of Vacuum Oil Purifier, the worker should observe working conditions (such as index of vacuum pressure, temperature, flow rate, pressure of filters etc.). Meanwhile, the worker should check the quality of oil by sample valve.

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