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The Materials of Filter Elements of Oil Purifier

April 25,2017.

The materials of filter elements of Oil Purifier:

For high precision filter elements of Oil Purifier, generally, we use wood pulp and glass fiber cotton as materials. For the performance indicators of filter elements, we should test thickness of the filter material, anti-tension and resistance. For example, high grade insulating oil need filtering accuracy of 0.5-1μm, hydraulic oil is 3-5μm, and other lubricating oil is 80μm.

Filters Performance

1. Flow - resistance (pressure drop) test to measure oil flow pressure loss (flow - resistance or flow - pressure sub curve curve).

2. The original filtration efficiency test, the filter can calculate the efficiency of dust impurities, our company produced dust filter dust rate should be more than 99%.

3. Storage impurity capacity test and cumulative efficiency test, the oil filter dust accumulation of impurities caused by excessive blockage, increased resistance to oil out. So that the power down the oil filter 5% or 5% increase in energy consumption out of oil resistance is a limit to achieve this value must be cleaned or replaced filter. During testing, the pressure of the oil in and out is 0.45-0.5mpa, which is the storage capacity of impurities, and during the test of the cumulative efficiency of the filter efficiency.

4. Crude oil and oil resistance test, oil resistance negative pressure -0.085-0.95mpa rated time, (pre-treatment for the negative pressure polymer stainless steel oil filter, coarse filter accuracy of 80um, the secondary filter is 25 um large particles of impurities are filtered , The former level of precision will reduce the actual precision filter load the actual pressure into the oil pressure, oil into the oil through the filter when the oil is very small, this time should be replaced before the 2 filter). Precision oil filter should not exceed 0.5mpa, filtering power will decline also continue to filter, it is recommended that the outlet pressure difference of more than 0.45mpa is best to replace the filter.

Analysis of filter elements consumable cost

(1) Filter elements of professional  vacuum Oil Filtration System adopts radial folding technology to increase the filter area, the greater the filter area, the greater the life, step-by-step encryption technology to accept a large amount of pollution, stainless steel filter can be repeatedly used after clean, low cost, long lifetime.

The first-class filter elements is the stainless steel, the filter configuration is 80μm, second filter is polymer, precision is the 25μm, the third filter PH glass fiber, precision is 0.5-1um.

(2). The filter vessels install over pressure alarm gauge, when the pressure reaches the specified value sound and light alarm will remind the operator to replace or change filter, so that it will not damage due to over pressure, reducing the use of cost to ensure that the Oil Purifier security.

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