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VLF20(1200LPH) Lube Oil Purifier Sales to Uruguay

November 27,2020.

Acore Filtration Co.Ltd sold a set of VLF20 (1200 liters/hour) Lube Oil Purifier to One Uruguay customer, the lube oil purifier installed a online particle counter for online measuring oil cleaning level. It adopts multi-stages voltage 220V and 380V, 50hz. Acore's VLF Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier is mainly used for purifying waste lube oil, such as hydraulic oil, turbine oil, gear oil, motor oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other used industrial lubricating oil.

The design VLF Lubricant Oil Purification Machine is advanced with vacuum oil and water separation chamber, micron filtering technology connection matching online processing can also be off-line processing, high degree of automation, compact size, mobile and flexible.  VLF Lube Oil Purifier can remove 100% of the free water and 95% dissolved water, and dissolved gases, and remove 98% of the particulates. The cleanness level after purification treatment can reach NAS 6 grade.

Lube Oil Purifier Lube Oil Purifier

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