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VPS300(300m3/h) Transformer Vacuum Pump Machine Sales to Malaysia

August 25,2023.

In June, 2023. Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd manufacture and sales a set of VPS300(300m3/h) Vacuum Pump Machine to Malaysia. This is second time that the Malaysia client order the VPS300 vacuum pump machine. In 2019, the client already bought a set of VPS300 Vacuum Pump Unit from us for transformer vacuum evacuation and drying, the transformer vacuum machine is a single stage, oil seal rotary vane pump with an ultimate vacuum of 0.37 Torr, free displacement is 130 cfm.

VPS series Transformer Vacuum Machine can adopt double stages or single stage vacuum pumps as client’s requirement. So VPS300 Vacuum Pump Unit adopts single stage and oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, the max air evacuating capacity can reach 300m3 per hour, it has following features:

Vacuum pump can operate at high pressure, up to atmospheric (1.0132bar), longs period of time without damage to the pump

Pump complete with a direct-coupled motor, build-in oil mist exhaust filters, air filter and a spin-on oil filter, an adjustable gas ballast valve and anti-suck back valve which isolates the pump from the process when the pump is not operating.

Controls of Vacuum Pump Unit include a pre-wired cabinet installed on system, across-the-line magnetic starters with three overload heater relays for motor, start-stop switch for system control

The vacuum pump machine also includes accessories, such as valves, vacuum hoses, cable.

Vacuum pressure meter for monitoring during vacuuming operation

VPS300 transformer vacuum machine is mounted on a sturdy metal frame with a push bar and casters  for portability.

VPS Series Vacuum Pump Machine is oil-recirculation, single stage or double stages, and air-cooled, air evacuation upon transformer vacuuming process. Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd can manufacture and design variable vacuum machine and oil purifiers as client required specifications. Contact us for more information and good price at sales@acorefiltration.com.

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