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Working Principle of General Oil Filtration Machine and Vacuum Oil Purifier

June 1,2017.

Generally, Oil Filtration Machine is divided to plate and frame press oil filtration machine, portable oil filter carts, vacuum oil purifier, centrifugal oil purifier, coalescing oil purifier, anti-fuel oil purifier.

       Vacuum Oil Purifier is based on the principle of water and oil boiling different principles and design, it consists of heater, filters, vacuum chamber, heating tank fine filter, condenser, water tank, vacuum pump, oil pump and electrical cabinet components. Vacuum pump make vacuum tank form a vacuum, the external oil under the action of atmospheric pressure, through the inlet pipe into primary filter, remove the larger particles, then into the heating tank, after heating 40 ~ 75 through the automatic oil bleaching valve, this valve is automatically controlled into the vacuum tank into the oil balance. After heating the oil through the rapid rotation of the wing to separate the oil into a half mist, the water quickly evaporates into water vapor and is continuously pumped into the condenser by a vacuum pump. The water vapor into the condenser is cooled and then returned to the original water, and the oil in the vacuum heating tank is discharged into the fine filter by the oil pump or the filter element to filter the particulate impurities, thereby completing the vacuum oil purifier remove the oil in the impurities, water, gas the whole process, so that clean oil from the oil out of the machine outside the machine.

Common failure of the general oil filtration machine:

(1) The filter plate is damaged

1. Filter plate manufacturing quality;

2. Diaphragm press mode, should also consider the diaphragm plate oil filter and the quality of the internal steel lining.

3. Filter plate material selection and feeding pump head is matching;

Under normal conditions, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate is in equilibrium. When the filter plate on both sides of the different filtration stage, that is, one side of the filter, the other side of the hydraulic extrusion, the pressure on both sides of the filter plate to form a pressure difference, thus damaging the filter plate. The reason:

1. Filter press began to filter, the feed pump half a long way to stop the filter half of the state of the filter cake appeared in varying degrees of sinking;

2. Unloading process, the filter plate on both sides of the residual mud volume difference;

3. Filter plate of the feed hole is blocked.

(2) Filter between the spray material

Automatic vacuum oil purifier in the operation, the filter between the occurrence of spray phenomenon, the reason:

The thrust plate is not pressed or the pressing force of the hydraulic cylinder is too small.

Filter cloth damage;

In the filter plate frame pressing surface, filter cloth appears folding;

Both sides of the beam appear in varying degrees of lateral bending (horizontal);

(Especially the lower part), or rinse the filter plate in time to ensure that the filter plate pressing surface cleaning; the filter cloth bundled to ensure its smoothness.

Filter oil in the solid impurities, water, improve the performance of oil equipment.

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