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Classification Introduction of Oil Filtration Machines

May 29,2017.

In the market, there are many variety of oil filtration machines, the shape, function, working principle, purchase costs are completely different, so the old and new users will buy Oil Filtration Machine, please pay more attention on which type is more suitable for them. Here is about today we have to introduce

Oil Filtration Machine is widely used in power, oil, natural gas, mining, machinery manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, chemical, railway, paper, pharmaceutical, ship, ship and Large enterprises.

First, the lube oil from a large class to points, is a kind of lubricating oil, it has the basic properties of lubricating oil, but the gear oil is also different from other characteristics of lubricating oil, is the so-called viscosity, gear oil is high viscosity lubricants.

Second, the high viscosity of the oil, you need special selection of high viscosity Oil Purifier to treat, the general oil filtration machine can’t pass through the high viscosity oil filter. So if you want to treat gear oil, first of all should determine the gear oil impurities, confirming the needs, they can choose what kind of oil purifier to the treatment.

In general, lube oil needs to remove impurity particles and moisture, if the customer only needs to filter impurities, the portable type high precision oil purifier can deal.

Following is suggestion to choose oil purifier

Understanding the function of oil purifier before the choice, we have to understand some of the basic knowledge of the oil filtration machine.

The actual quality of equipment, in the purchase, depends on the actual quality of equipment to see if there is no damage or bumps.

The credibility of manufacturers, we have to choose a good reputation of the manufacturers, a good reputation will have a good product.

Price, when choosing, depends on the price of supplies, and other for comparison, choose the most suitable.

Basic information to choose oil purifier

1. To determine the type of oil to be processed (the market, oil filtration machine is main for transformer oil, commonly used lubricants, turbine oil, light fuel);

2. The need for the number of oil filtration and processing time on the requirements

3. How to prepare the use of Oil Purifier, such as online installation, mobile filter oil, maintenance spare;

4. To be treated in the oil of the main pollution components (is a simple filter impurities, or moisture impurities need to be processed);

5. Whether the treatment of lubricating oil is corrosive and other special properties, whether the need for acid value and treatment, whether there is serious oxidation of oil, or whether the color of oil needs to be processed.

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