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ACORE Turbine Lube Oil Purifier For Dehydration, Flushing and Cleaning

July 30,2019.

ACORE TOP Vacuum Turbine Lube Oil Purifier is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other fields. It is mainly used for turbine lube oil and turbine hydraulic oil. Meanwhile, The Turbine Oil Purifier also can be applied to hydraulic oil, refrigeration oil and other low viscosity lubricant oils that need to remove a large amount of water, gas and solids.

TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier has a number of technologies, integrating vacuum drying, separation engineering technology, cohesion technology, adsorption technology and precision filtration technology. Under high vacuum conditions, it can do Turbine Oil Dehydration quickly and reliably remove moisture, gas, impurities, colloids, sludge and various pigments in oil. And improve the overall quality of the oil. It can realize online operation, and can automatically drain without stopping the machine, so that the waste lube oil can reach the standard of new oil, and the operation is simple.

In the long-term operation of power plants and power station steam turbines, moisture, dust and solid particulate impurities will inevitably be mixed into the turbine oil due to various complicated reasons, accelerate the oxidation of the oil, and promote the formation of foam, scale and sludge. The severe emulsification of the oil causes the oil and water to be difficult to separate, which reduces the lubrication, anti-wear, heat dissipation and cooling properties of the oil. At the same time, it causes corrosion and wear of metal parts in the steam turbine, which affects the safe operation of the steam turbine. The Turbine Oil Dehydration Plant is designed and manufactured to solve the above problems.

This Turbine Lube Oil Purifier adopts multi-stage cartridge filter, which has strong ability to filter out impurities. The coarse filter uses a large-flow cleanable filter element, which has high filtration efficiency and can remove a large amount of impurities in the oil. The fine filtration adopts the “step-by-step progressive” technology, which has high filtration precision, large capacity after nano-nose, high strength and long service life. The fine particles in the oil can also restore the highly polluting turbine oil to the "Control Standard for Operating Turbine Oil Pollution Degree". The Turbine Oil Cleaning Machine is designed with automatic backwashing function, which not only improves the continuous working time of the equipment, but also ensures the service life of the filter element.

High degree of automation, safe and reliable

The control system of Turbine Oil Cleaning Machine is safe and reliable. All the control appliances are imported products. The advanced liquid level automatic control system, temperature constant automatic control system and electrical automatic protection control system are used independently to make the operation simple, safe and reliable. It can be equipped with a computer-automatic type as needed to realize the man-machine separation operation.

ACORE TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier adopts scientific argumentation layout, humanized design, easy to use, low working noise, and can work online for a long time. The chassis structure incorporates the environmental protection concept to ensure that the ground is free of oil and reduces environmental pollution during operation.

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