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Application and Operation of Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier

March 24,2020.

The Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier is mainly used to treat unqualified lube oil, such as hydraulic lube oil, turbine lube oil, gear lube oil, etc. It can quickly and easily remove water, gas and impurities in the oil, so that the characteristics of oil can reach the standard of new oil, which can ensure safe operation of industrial equipment.

Specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier, ACORE has advanced technology and good service. Following is introduction for So, how to use the Lubricating Oil Purifier

1. Connect the oil inlet pipe of Lube Oil Filtration Machine with the oil outlet of the oil tank, and connect the oil outlet of this machine with the oil inlet above the treated tank.

2. Open the electrical box, check whether all electrical components are complete, whether there is looseness or humidity, remove debris, and connect the main power supply and ground wire. Close the main power supply switch and adjust the temperature controller to 45-65 degrees.

3. Turn on the vacuum and observe that the vacuum gauge negative pressure reaches the specified value; (generally close to -0.06MPa). After the vacuum pump is running normally, open the oil inlet valve and inspect the vacuum chamber. Wait until the oil enters the vacuum chamber before starting the heater

4. When the oil level reaches the lower window of the vacuum chamber, open the oil outlet valve and start the oil drain pump. (At the beginning of use, due to the humidity inside the machine or the water in the oil is too large, you can slightly open the air valve to reduce the vacuum and eliminate foam.) If the water content of the turbine oil is too large, you must pay attention to it during normal use If the oil foam rises, the oil foam must not exceed the upper window to prevent it from entering the vacuum pump and causing malfunction. After the machine runs normally, close the air inlet valve. In normal operation, it is necessary to control the small rise of the oil foam and the vacuum degree to about -0.08MPa.

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