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Introduction of Portable Oil Filtration Machine Carts

September 17,2018.

With the development of modern hydraulic technology, the hydraulic system performance parameters are increasingly high pressure and large flow, high precision, in order to ensure the performance and reliability of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system requires more and more cleanliness of the oil.

PT Portable Oil Filtration Machine can not only be used as a special equipment for oil filtration in hydraulic system, but also as a special equipment for regularly filtering pollutants in the system. It can help better handle the pollution of hydraulic system and prolong the service life of hydraulic components. The system is working properly.

In addition to reliable performance, compact structure and beautiful appearance, PT Portable Oil Filtration Machine Carts has high filtration precision and low noise performance. The filter element in the high-precision filter is different according to different needs of users. The precision can be selected by itself, and only the filter element with different filtering precision can be exchanged to achieve the predetermined filtering effect. The Portable Oil Purifier Carts car only filters out the dirt in the oil, and has no effect on the technical indicators of the oil.

Portable Oil Filter Machine

1. At the time of starting, be careful not to reverse the pump, causing the oil pump shaft seal to blow out and causing the air to be drawn in.

2. During the use of the PT Portable Oil Filter Carts, the oil pump may take in air and affect the flow of the oil pump. To ensure the flow rate and the normal operation of the filter element, the exhaust valve should be opened in time.

3. After using the portable oil filtration machine for a period of time, because the pollutants block the coarse filter surface, the oil absorption is not smooth, causing the oil pump noise to be too large.

4. After using oil filter carts for a period of time, it is blocked by pollutants, causing the pressure of the filter cartridge to rise. When it reaches 0.4Mpa, it is necessary to replace the fine filter in time.

5. When the filtration pressure suddenly drops, check if the fine filter element is blocked.

6. The filtration pressure drops suddenly and the fine filter is checked for breakdown.

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