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Lubricating Oil Purifier
Filtering Performance of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine September 11,2017.

As a professional manufacturer of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine, Acore Filtration Co.Ltd has been committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient oil purifier machine with a reasonable price and good service. We take the lead in the sales, free installation, commissioning and training.

Working Principle of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine:

It works very simply is in a vacuum state, the heat treatment to achieve the effect of removing water. Because the lubricating oil purifier machine is a physical filter, so it will not change the nature of oil.

ACORE VLF Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine mainly deal with substandard mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oil, can quickly and effectively remove the oil in the water, gas, magazines and volatile matter (such as alcohol, Ammonia, etc.), to restore the viscosity of the oil, flash point and the use of performance. After treatment, the emulsification value of the lubricating oil is low, the water content is very low, the impurity precision is high, and it can be used repeatedly in the high precision hydraulic lubrication equipment at home and abroad. VLF Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine is suitable for oil storage, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing and railway.

The characteristics of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine

1. Double filter structure, increase the amount of pollutants; multi-level precision filter to ensure the accuracy of filtration

2. Polymer materials for the media, set the demulsification, dehydration, impurity as one

3. Double-type three-dimensional flash, with a unique and efficient dehydration, degassing components, can quickly and effectively separate the oil in the water, gas and volatile.

4. Automatic backwash function, improve the use of efficiency

5. Advanced media condensation system

6. The use of high-quality filter, the amount of pollutants, corrosion resistance, high temperature, good mechanical strength, in addition to high precision impurities, long service life.

7. New high-efficiency electric heating system, low heating load, heating evenly, less energy consumption.

8. The use of machine interlock protection device, heater, oil pump, level control device linkage work.

Application Range of Lubricating Oil Purifier Machine:

It is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electricity, transportation, machinery manufacturing and railway with significant economic benefits.

High oil prices, so that all companies are planning to use new waste oil. Folk also has some traditional way of dealing, but because the effect is not ideal, and a waste of time, manpower, material resources. So it is gradually being eliminated. Because of this, lubricants oil machine in the domestic market up a bullish market.

Inspection of Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine During Working:

1. In the field use, the oil filter should be as close as possible to the transformer or tank, suction line should not be too long, to minimize pipeline resistance.

2. The connection pipe (including the fuel tank) must be thoroughly cleaned in advance and have good sealing.

3. Follow the operating procedures strictly. When the oil filter is started, the oil pump should be recycled if the vacuum pump, oil pump and heater are operating normally and the internal circulation is good.

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