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Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine
Mineral Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine, ACORE Oil Purifier Manufacturer May 23,2018.

ACORE’s Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine consists of filtering system, heating system, vacuum system, automatic control, protection system, cooling system and other components.

1. Filtering System:

The filter elements are cylindrical and arranged vertically for easy maintenance. The Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine equips three pieces of filter elements. The oil to be filtered flows from the outside of the filter to its inside. Dust particles more than 1 microns cannot pass through the outside of the filter. The filter is made of stainless steel and can be washed repeatedly.

A pressure gauge was installed on the filtering system to monitor the pressure difference across the filter. The filter must be cleaned each time the filtration or the pressure difference across the filter is greater than 0.3 MPa at normal operating temperatures.

2. Heating System

The heater is housed in a carbon steel container in a sealed finned tube type. The multi-circuit heating system allows the oil to be uniformly heated in the heater and there is absolutely no dead zone.

The number of heating elements depends on the oil circulation of the Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine. The size of the heating element is considered to be 1 W/cm, which gives a smooth heating. During the heating process, the oil will not be cracked and aged due to local overheating. This ensures that the oil will not be overheated or scorched. It is not necessary to drain the oil from the heating vessel to perform the work of removing the heating element.

The design specification for each type of heater considers increasing the temperature of the incoming oil by 50°C. Automatic temperature control system oil temperature can be adjusted within the range of 0 ~ 100 °C. These heaters are also interlocked with the oil pump and the vacuum pump. The heater can only work when the oil pump and the vacuum pump are running, which not only ensures the safe operation of the heater, but also prevents the occurrence of "dead" oil zones and oil aging. The temperature of the heating system can also be monitored in real time and the heaters can be controlled to work within a set temperature range, heater damage caused by dry burning can be avoided.

Multiple heaters can be used individually or simultaneously.

Under normal climatic conditions, the full-load flow of the oil pump can be heated to operating temperature, but in extremely cold climate conditions, some of the oil flow may need to be recirculated in order to reach the correct temperature.

VLF Lube Oil Purifier

3. Vacuum System:

Vacuum system consists of vacuum separator, vacuum pump, condenser, cooler and other components. Using the “cavitation” principle, the contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator has been expanded several hundred times, and the “cavitation” system has increased the surface area of oil evaporation, and the evaporation interface has been constantly updated to maximize the increase. The stroke and static moisture evaporation area of the oil in the vacuum system of Lubricating Oil Purifier.

4. Automatic Control and Protection System:

The automatic control system consists of liquid level controllers, motors, and protection components.

1) When the oil temperature reaches the set point, the temperature controller sends a signal heater to stop working, and vice versa.

2) The start and stop of the heater is controlled by the temperature controller, the oil pump and the vacuum pump (see above "heating system"), when the heater temperature exceeds the set value (factory setting is 60 °C) the heater stops working.

3) The amount of oil into the oil valve by the liquid level controller and the formation of automatic control.

4) Pressure control device factory pressure protection control point is set to 0.3Mpa, and the set point to stop working.

5. Cooling System:

It consists of a radiator, a cooler, and a water reservoir. Vapors and other gases evaporated in the vacuum separator enter the cooler after passing through the radiator, are reduced to water and collected by the reservoir, and the dry gas is discharged by the vacuum pump, thereby protecting the vacuum pump.

When the Lubricating Oil Purifier is in operation, the oil removes impurities through a highly efficient, high-contamination special filter. The use of special water separators and personalized vacuum separators, the use of oil-hydrophobic technology and "cavitation" principle, so that the moisture in the oil in the low heat, high vacuum, large surface, high speed pumping conditions to get fast Evaporation vaporizes and is discharged by the vacuum system.

The water and gas discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator are gradually cooled and dehumidified by the cooling system and finally discharged into the air by a vacuum pump.

After vacuum dehydration by Lubricating Oil Filtration Machine, the dried oil is pumped from the negative pressure to the positive pressure through the oil pump. After the fine filtration, the net oil is discharged from the oil outlet to complete the entire clean oil process.

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