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Lube Oil Purifier
Oil Purifier for Gas,Hydraulic and Steam Turbine Lube Oil September 13,2018.

TOP Series Turbine Lube Oil Purifier from ACORE company adopts new aggregation and separation technology, filtration system for turbine lube oil with large water content, easy emulsification and more impurities. It is mainly used for treatment of lube oil in generator sets, gas turbine, hydraulic turbine and steam turbine. TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier can remove moisture, gas and impurities from oil quickly and efficiently. The purified oil will reach the new oil standard and ensure power system, lubrication system work properly, and extend the maintenance period of the equipment. The Turbine Oil Purifier adopts the international advanced principle of strengthening hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, dehydration and precision filtration. It can be used for demulsification, dehydration, acid removal and impurity removal and making turbid turbine oil clear and transparent. Meanwhile, TOP Lube Oil Purifier is also suitable for deep dehydration and purification of transparent oil, hydraulic oil, refrigeration oil and other lubricating oils that need to remove a large amount of water and achieve precision filtration impurities.

Characteristic of TOP Turbine Lube Oil Purifier:

1. High efficiency of dehydration and demulsification. It can easily split a lot of water without any problems, and can also remove traces of water from the oil.

2. The filtration and purification performance are strong, and the oil series indicators with serious deterioration and pollution can be quickly restored to the “Control Standard for Operating Turbine Oil Pollution Degree”, and the accuracy of particle size level is 1um.

3. High degree of automation, trouble-free operation, safe and reliable, continuous purification of oil does not waste oil, flange connection does not leak.

4. The Operation of TOP Turbine Oil Purifier is simple, safe, advanced and reasonable. The oil purifier is equipped with advanced oil level magnetic automatic compensation control instrument to completely solve the oil pump no-load and oil running phenomenon in the oil purifier, and the operation is safe and reliable.

Lube Oil Purifier

Working Principle:

Connect the oil pipe into and out of the oil pipe, turn on the power supply, connect the safety ground wire, check whether the circuits are connected reliably, and close the bleed valve and the oil inlet valve. Start the vacuum button first and observe if the pointer of the vacuum gauge moves. If you don't move, the power cord needs to be changed. When the vacuum is expressed to a negative pressure of 0.06Mpa, the oil inlet valve can be opened to enter the oil. When the oil reaches the oil level pipe 1/4, the oil discharge button is started. If the oil level keeps rising, remember that the filtered oil cannot be sucked into the vacuum pump. In order to avoid affecting the degree of vacuum, open the bleed valve to keep the vacuum at a negative pressure of 0.06-0.08, and then start the heating button. During the heating process, the temperature to be heated is set according to the degree of vacuum and the water saturation curve to heat the oil. Before the oil filter is stopped, first turn off the heating button, wait for the oil to cycle for a few minutes and then turn off the vacuum and drain button, otherwise it will affect the service life of the heating tube. When working, if the pressure gauge reading ≥0.3Mpa, it means that there is more impurity on the filter element, and it is necessary to stop cleaning the filter element. After the work is completed, open the bleed valve to make the vacuum zero, otherwise it will affect the service life of the vacuum pump.

ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd also can design and produce Lube Oil Purifier according to different user’s requirement and usage.

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