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Oil Dehydration Treatment Machine
Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Treatment Machine - ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd July 16,2018.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine is oil purification system that remove solid impurities and moisture in oil to improve oil quality. Transformer Oil Treatment Machine can quickly remove harmful components such as moisture, gas and impurities in transformer oil, improve the insulation performance of transformer oil, and reduce the corrosion of transformer oil due to excessive moisture or impurities. To extend the service life of oil equipment.


1. Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Machine can make the basic components and anti-oxidation properties after treatment not be damaged, reach the new oil standard, and improve the insulation and safety performance of the equipment.

2. It can be operated without power failure, oil change, and normal operation of the transformer. Transformer oil dehydration treatment machine uses a special purifier.

3. It can remove acidic components, suspended matter, sedimentation substances, etc. in oil, and can regenerate inferior gauge oil and switch oil.

4. Reduce the dielectric loss factor and reach the new oil standard.

5, can make dark 6-10 oil into the color of 2-4 oil.

6. The cost required is 90% more than the traditional oil change method.

Since Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Treatment Machine was officially put into use, the use effect was ideal, and it completely achieved the expected purpose, and solved the following problems:

(1) Solved the production problem. Transformer oil withstand voltage problems often plague the production of the device. After the application of this measure, the passive situation of the original device production was changed, and the product quality was qualified.

(2) The dehydration effect is obvious. The water content of the oil entering the transformer oil dehydration machine. After dehydration, the water content of the oil is below 3ppm, which effectively reduces the oil. The trace water ensures the quality of the product.

(3) Improved the qualification rate of oil adjustment once. Before adopting this measure, the daily oil adjustment rate is 90%. After Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Treatment, the pass rate of the product is more than 98.5%. The main reason is that the resistance voltage of the finished product blank is above 70kV.

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