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Characteristics and Operating Procedures Of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

August 15,2017.

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Water vapor in vacuum separator of Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, first by the condenser cooling and dehumidification, into the cooler again cooled, condensed into the water tank discharge, after two condensed dehumidified gas, and finally by the vacuum pump is in the air, vacuum separator in the vacuum after the dehydration of drying oil, the oil pump from the negative pressure to positive pressure, after purification treatment, the oil from the oil port to complete the entire oil process.


Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine, the oil pressure inside and outside the role of the inlet into the filter through the main filter, large particles of impurities were filtered, the oil by multi-level infrared heating, into a special personalized vacuum separator, in the vacuum separator in the first form of mist, and then form a film, so that the contact area in vacuum expanded to the original hundreds of times, the oil in the high temperature, high vacuum, large surface, high pumping speed conditions To be rapidly vaporized and discharged from the vacuum system.



1. The machine can be vacuum insulation equipment such as transformers, vacuum drying. Can be detected at random pressure and automatically print the test results, while a vacuum oil and live online running function.

2. Using three filters plus nano-molecular adsorption technology, step by step encryption filter to ensure the accuracy of filtration.

3. In addition to the general vacuum oil purifier dehydration, degassing, impurity removal function, but also has the function of regeneration of poor oil, can effectively remove the oil in the depth of the oxide, free carbon limit material, can restore Deterioration of the oxidation of oil, acid and water soluble and other comprehensive indicators.

4. Both independent use of vacuum dehydration, degassing, impurity removal system, but also independent use of renewable systems, you can also use both at the same time.

5. The use of safe and reliable aviation materials plus far infrared heating system, optimize the pipeline design to ensure that oil evenly heated to ensure that no "dead zone" to avoid oil carbonation.

6. Digital intelligent temperature controller to overcome the traditional pointer temperature controller can only set a heating point of the defects can be arbitrarily set at 20-80 ℃, lower limit, more intuitive shows the immediate temperature of the oil.


Operation of Transformer Oil Filter Machine

1. Device is the key to the level of placement. The device is best to use the level meter detection. Such as when placed unfairly.

2. Air compressor should pay attention to refueling. Oil and water separation should pay attention to water, regular oil change. Timely cleaning filter to maintain oil quality.

3. Open the air cover to load the oil into the tank. Immediately cover the air cover, but the loading of the oil can’t be more than 80% of the capacity of the air tank capacity is completed. Close the release valve, open the control valve and then open the drain, turn on the power switch, and so out of the oil all the oil, the oil filter to work properly.

4. Should immediately close the control valve for maintenance, such as the discovery of abnormal phenomena. At this time check valve to control the gas can’t return. After maintenance, open the control valve to continue to work.

5. The filtrate appears turbid and the filter layer is not formed before. At this point the oil re-filter, to be filtered out of oil meet the requirements, the oil filter into the normal working condition.

6. Resistance increases, due to the accumulation of filter residue on the filter cloth. Slow down, should stop cleaning residue. With a wooden or bamboo scraper to filter off the filter from the filter cloth, and then re-use, in practice to explore the filter filled with time, do a good job, on time to remove the residue.

7.When the can of oil is finished. Can be closed this nozzle, to be out of the nozzle when the exhaust. Until another nozzle is also exhausted moment, open the release valve, then the oil filtration processing is finished. 

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