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DST80KV/100KV Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester Sales To Thailand

June 27,2024.

We manufacture and sales two sets of DST Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester to Thailand, one is 80KV and another is 100KV, the tester is manufactured according to IEC 65156 and ASTM D1816. Meanwhile, it also can choose other standard according to client's requirements. DST Insulating Oil Tesster takes a single microcomputer as the core, realizes the automation of all tests, has high measurement accuracy, greatly improves work efficiency, greatly reduces the labor intensity of staff, and at the same time, the appearance of this instrument is small and easy to carry.

In the power system, insulating oil is an insulating medium that is widely used in high-voltage electrical equipment. The performance of insulating oil can be reflected by many indicators, among which "breakdown voltage" is an important index to characterize the dielectric strength of insulating oil. In the long-term operation of high-voltage electrical equipment, the quality of its insulating oil will gradually change, resulting in the continuous decline of the insulation performance of the equipment. In order to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment, the electrical strength of the insulating oil should be tested regularly. The Insulating Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester is a measuring instrument for testing the voltage strength of insulating oil in the power system.

Main functions and features of Insulating Oil Tester
1. This insulating oil dielectric strength tester uses a microprocessor to automatically complete the operations of boosting, holding, stirring, static release, calculation, printing, etc., and can carry out oil circulation pressure test in the range of 0~80kv/100KV.
2. Large-screen color LCD display, touchable, Chinese and English interchangeable menu prompts; Beautiful appearance and small size.
3. The operation of Insulating Oil Tester is simple, the operator only needs to make a simple setting, and the instrument will automatically complete the pressure test of 1 cup of oil sample according to the setting. The breakdown voltage value and the number of cycles of 1~10 times will be stored automatically, and after the test is completed, the thermal printer can print out the breakdown voltage value and average value of each time.
4. The dielectric oil breakdwon voltage tester test implementation standards include industry standards, national standards and foreign standards, and the operation is simple and convenient.
5. Power-off hold, 100 experimental results can be stored.
6. The single-chip microcomputer control is used to boost the voltage at a constant speed, and the voltage frequency is accurate to 50HZ/60HZ, which makes the whole process easy to control.
7. It has the protection of over-voltage, over-current, limit and so on to ensure the safety of operators.
8. The Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester has the function of temperature measurement display and system clock display.

Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

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