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VCF50(3000L/H) Cooking Oil Purifier Sales to France

June 19,2024.

Acore Filtration Co., Ltd manufacture and sales a set of VCF50(3000L/H) Cooking Oil Purifier to France, Europe. The oil purifier is developed for solid-liquid separation, dehydration, degassing and decolorization in cooking oil. The client will use purified cooking oil for production of biodiesel. VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine has following features:

1. There is no need for filter cloth and filter paper, which greatly reduces the cost of filtration.

2. Fully enclosed operation, environmental protection, no material loss.

3. Vibrating slag greatly reduces labor intensity and realizes continuous operation.

4. Pneumatic valve slag discharge, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

5. Slag or activated carbon (clay) for decolorization in cooking oil.

Cooking Oil Recycling can reduce the pollution of grease to the environment, it can avoid a large amount of waste grease being directly discharged into the environment and reduce the pollution to the environment. After waste cooking oil is recycled, biodiesel and other fuels can be obtained, and the production and use of these fuels can reduce the dependence on fossil energy and reduce the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. Cooking oil recycling reduce the generation of garbage and the cost of garbage disposal.

Cooking Oil Purifier not only bring environmental value, but also it has important economic value.  Firstly, the purified cooking oil can used for production of biodiesel: The recycled edible waste oil can be used to produce high value-added products such as biodiesel, which have a high market demand and can bring considerable economic benefits from recycling.

Secondly. For animal feed: Waste oil can be used as animal feed after esterification and other treatments, which can not only reduce feed costs, but also improve the production performance of animals.

Thirdly. Other uses: waste oil can also be used to make soap, lubricating oil and other products, which also have a certain market demand and added value.

Totally, the Cooking Oil Filtration Machine can bring both environmental and economic value. Cooking Oil Recycling can not only reduce environmental pollution and waste generation, but also bring economic benefits. Promoting the cooking oil recycling has a positive effect on environmental protection and sustainable economic development.

Cooking Oil Purifier Cooking Oil Purifier

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