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DVTP150(9000LPH) Transformer Oil Purifier sales to Peru

April 7,2023.

DVTP150(9000 liters per hour) Double Stages High Transformer Oil Purifier sales to Peru in March, 2023. It is mainly used in power departments and industrial and mining enterprises to deal with the purification of unqualified transformer oil, transformer oil, switch oil and other insulating oil, and can be on-site online and offline filtration. DVTP150 Transformer Oil Purifier can also be used for transformer vacuum oil injection and drying of various damp power equipment. The main function of Transformer Oil Purification machine is to remove the trace moisture, gas, mechanical impurities in the insulating oil and recover the characteristics of the insulating oil.

DVTP150 Transformer Oil Purification Machine adopts vacuum flash dry skills and "stratification and densification" high efficiency and precision filtration skills in one, using the cavitation principle, the contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator expands to hundreds of times the original. And the cavitation system makes the oil transpiration surface area continue to increase, and the transpiration interface is constantly updated, the maximum limit increases the travel of oil in the vacuum system and the static water volatilization area. The main features of DVTP150 Transformer Oil Purifier design humanized, simple and convenient operation, can be used for transformer vacuum oiling and drying online operation, high degree of automation, can realize man-machine separation can quickly and efficiently remove impurities from the oil, improve the quality of oil, multistage filtration system filter impurities strong, high filtration precision primary filtration device selection of large flow washable filter element, high filtration efficiency. Four systems to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment, advanced liquid level automatic control system, automatic pressure protection system, low watt density electric heater temperature constant automatic control system, Electrical automatic protection control system with phase sequence protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, to provide the best performance and the most compact design, the main components are imported configuration, reliable quality, low maintenance and maintenance costs.

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