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VTP10(600LPH) Transformer Oil Filtration Machine Sales to South Africa

April 28,2023.

Acore teams sales many Transformer Oil Purification Plants to South Africa, we have many old clients. In 2023, a old client from South Africa bought a set of VTP10(600-1200LPH) Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, the machine adopts weather-proof canopy, automatical PLC controller, touch screen, digital flow meter, online ppm sensor, inlet & outlet temperature sensors, etc. The filters of VTP10 Transformer Oil Purification Plant use Ultra-large area cartridge type high-precision material, filtration step by step encryption to remove fine particles in the oil, large dirt holding capacity. The pre-filter of the oil suction port adsorbs fine impurities containing iron in metals. And equipped with the automatic detection function of filter element contamination. And the Vacuum dehydration & degassing chamber of Transformer Filtration Machine use unique and efficient dehydration, degassing elements, plus special vacuum packing, the surface area of the oil film is increased, and the moisture and gas in the oil can be quickly and effectively separated.

VTP10 Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts automatic constant temperature control, automatic liquid level control, automatic defoaming control, automatic pressure protection and other configurations to ensure that the equipment will not be injected with oil during operation and runs safely and stably. It also has overload protection, overpressure alarm shutdown protection, overload protection, oil shortage protection, fuel injection protection, phase sequence protection, etc. ensure the long-term reliable operation of the whole machine.

The purification process of the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine has advanced design, and can do online processing or offline processing with a high degree of automation, which can realize unattended operation. Transformer Oil Purification Plant  is compact, flexible and easy to move. Contact us at
sales@acorefiltration.com for more technical information and good price.

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