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DVTP50(3000LPH) Transformer Oil Treatment Machine Sales to Chile

December 15,2021.

DVTP50 3000L/H Transformer Oil Treatment Machine sales to Chile, it can quickly remove the moisture, gas, impurities, and restore and improve the dielectric strength. The Transformer Oil Purification Plant adopts sophisticated filtration system: using high-quality filter materials. Large dirt holding capacity, good mechanical strength, multi-level filtering, step-by-step encryption, high filtering precision. Meanwhile, the safe and reliable electric heating system ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature. DVTP50 Transformer Oil Treatment Machine use advanced pressure protection and infrared liquid level control system, and automatic PLC controlling system make operation simple and easy.

DVTP50(3000LPH) Transformer Oil Purification Plant is equipped with interlocking safety protection: the oil intake and heating system are linked. Excessive oil pressure or oil level can be automatically controlled. This Transformer Oil Treatment Machine also can install a regeneration column to increase the functions of acid removal, decolorization, carbon removal, etc. Contact us at: sales@acorefiltration.com

3000L/H Transformer Oil Treatment Machine 3000L/H Transformer Oil Treatment Machine

Transformer Oil Purification Plant Transformer Oil Purification Plant

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