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DVTP50 Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier Sales to Nigeria

January 30,2024.

DVTP50(3000 Liters per hour) Vacuum Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier manufactured by Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd sales to Nigeria, it is mainly used to remove moisture, gas and impurities in oil. The Insulating Oil Purifier is a high-end mechanical equipment that can restore and improve the physical and insulation properties of transformer oil. Its main characteristics are high oil filtration efficiency and large vacuum pumping speed. Many industrial and mining enterprises, electric industry will choose the insulation oil purifier for purification. Following is main features of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

High filtration precision:

The insulating oil purifier adopts the combined impurity removal technology of mesh filtration and polymer adsorption materials, and gradually encrypts. Not only has good mechanical strength, but also has high filtration accuracy. The technology used in the Insulation Oil Purifier can ensure the long life of the equipment filter element. In addition, many clients choose the insulation oil purifier because it has high-quality filter materials, large effective filtration area, and strong pollution capacity, which also ensures its filtration accuracy.

Highly intelligent:

The Transformer Oil Purifier not only has a touch dynamic display, but can also be operated by manual panel, which is the embodiment of its high intelligence. In addition, if you master the correct operation of the insulating oil purifier, it can stabilize the oil filtration online without human operation, and its operating status can be displayed by the indicator light.

Transformer insulating oil purifier is well received by the electric, metallurgy, machinery and other industries. It not only has high filtration accuracy and high efficiency, but also has a high degree of automation and intelligence. What's more, it can improve the dielectric strength of oil, which is also the reason why the insulation oil purifier is well developed.

Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier

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