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Installation and Maintenance of Steam Turbines -Acore Oil Purifiers

May 19,2021.

It is very important to ensure the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of steam turbine equipment, as well as the quality of steam turbine lubricating oil. It is very important to prevent and eliminate water ingress into the steam turbine lubricating oil system and prevent the emulsification of steam turbine lubricating oil. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) To ensure the quality of product design and manufacturing. Unreasonable design and product manufacturing that does not meet the design requirements directly lead to water ingress into the turbine lubricating oil system.

(2) When the unit is running, the oil purification device should be put in regularly to timely separate the oil and water and filter the impurities in the oil system of the turbine generator unit for adjustment and lubrication. At the same time, the oil system components must be clean and sealed during manufacturing, installation and operation, and all parts of the oil system must be clean during maintenance. There are no impurities, water and other foreign objects in the system and pipelines. The cleanliness should comply with the manufacturer's regulations. Various cleanliness standards.

(3) The purchased steam turbine lubricating oil must meet the technical indicators specified in the national standard GB7596-2000, especially the demulsification performance and acid value indicators, which must be guaranteed. At the same time, the steam turbine lubricating oil should be sampled and checked regularly in accordance with the "L-TSA Turbine Lubricant Oil Change Index SH/T0636-1996" in use, and timely measures should be taken when problems are found.

(4) For the emulsified steam turbine lubricating oil, our factory can also add a demulsifier to the oil according to the situation to improve the anti-emulsification performance of the steam turbine lubricating oil. The demulsifier is used to destroy the emulsified film on the oil-water interface and release the water to achieve the purpose of water removal.

(5) During the overhaul of the unit, strictly control the gap of the shaft seal of the unit to ensure the overhaul period of the unit. When the unit is in operation, the operating personnel should strengthen the adjustment of the shaft seal leakage according to the load to prevent the oil from being caused by the large shaft seal leakage. Water in.

(6) When the unit is running, the main oil tank should be drained regularly, and the oil used for adjustment and lubrication in the oil system of the turbine generator unit should be separated in time.

Avoiding the emulsification of steam turbine oil is one of the important conditions for ensuring the safe operation of the steam turbine. The focus of solving the problem of steam turbine lubricating oil emulsification should be strictly controlled in terms of product design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, and the quality of steam turbine lubricating oil.

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