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Oil Filling of Transformers by Oil Purification Machine

July 15,2017.

Acore Filtration Corporation has been to provide customers with high-quality Oil Purification Machine and oil management system. From research and development experiments to the most complex environment, and then to the new industrial equipment on the high precision requirements, we always strive to achieve excellent product manufacturing technology and high level of technology investment, and creating a new situation of environmental protection and energy conservation. Power transformer maintenance guidelines for 220kV transformer must be vacuum oil filling, other transformers should also be used when the conditions of vacuum oiling. When the oil is injected into the transformer tank, it should be purified by Oil Purification Machine and Vacuum Oil Purifier is suitable for oil filling of 220kV transformer.


Vacuum Oil Filling of Transformers

By checking the vacuum to check the strength of the tank, the general local elastic deformation should not exceed twice the thickness of the box wall, and check the tightness of the vacuum system.


Method of operation:

(Usually evacuated time = 1/3 ~ 1/2 exposed air time), the oiling temperature should be slightly higher than the body temperature; to the oil temperature of the transformer tank, 3 ~ 5t / h speed of the oil into the transformer from the top of the box about 200mm to stop, and continue to vacuum to maintain more than 4h;

Transformer charge: the transformer by the vacuum oil filling, the need to be injected into the oil tank filling tube, is strictly prohibited from the lower throttle into the oil when the oil should be slowly injected into the oil to the specified oil, and then still 12h.


Main purpose of transformer vacuum pumping:

the transformer is the internal winding, insulation bracket, iron and other components for vacuum degassing treatment. After vacuum degassing treatment, the air in the oil, the air attached to the core, the winding, the surface of the attachment air and the pores of the organic solid insulating material and the moisture in the moisture are removed.

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