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Maintenance of Turbine Lube Oils

July 30,2017.

Turbine oil is the steam turbine blood circulation system, through the container to drain the time used to calculate the viscosity, usually With an en & apos; s viscosity. Our turbine oil is commonly used in the No. 46 turbine oil, viscosity, oil is thick, not easy to flow; viscosity is small, the oil is thin, easy to flow. In the beginning of the steam turbine, because the oil temperature is relatively low, the oil is sticky, thick, the pump current, tubing system resistance is also large, turbine bearing can’t build oil film. So, at this time we often use oil circulation, so that the oil temperature increased to 25-30 degree, can be washed forward steam turbine. If the oil thinning, one may be high oil temperature, but this is not common in the actual operation, because the oil temperature after the high, not only the alarm, but also the vibration of the turbine, the speed system will have abnormal reaction The At this point, as long as the cooler cooling water conditioning can solve the problem. But the problem of oil itself becomes thin, and that the problem is serious.


The degree of demulsification means that the ability of oil to rapidly and water separates it, which is expressed by the time required for separation. Good anti-emulsification of turbine oil is not more than 8 minutes. Caused by the emulsification of turbine oil, the main reason is the oil leakage into the water, because the steam turbine operation, due to the unit's shaft seal is not strict, steam seal leakage, poor quality lubricating oil, bearing tank and fuel tank vacuum And many other factors, is the main reason leading to water in the turbine oil system. Sum up two points, the first point is the oil into the water, oil in the water, will cause oil quality acidification. The second point, the oil into the air, and acidification of the oil oxidation, so that the oil further deterioration. It can be seen that the viscosity of the turbine oil is inversely proportional to the degree of demulsification.


Acid value is the turbine oil contains inorganic acid and organic acid content, with the oil and the required amount of potassium hydroxide milliliter that the unit is mgKOH / g. The size of the acid value can be measured in the use of lubricating oil in the process of oxidation and deterioration of the degree, but also the use of lubricants have a great impact. Lubricant acid value is large, indicating that the organic acid content is high, there may be corrosion of mechanical parts, especially in the presence of water, the corrosion effect is more obvious, usually in the operation control acid value of less than 0.2mgKOH / g. Acid value of the inorganic acid, mainly composed of water-soluble PH main force, inorganic acid can participate in the steam engine oil system corrosion, harm to more than organic acid. Therefore, the detection of water-soluble PH, than acid value is also important. People in order to prevent the turbine system is rust, often add a certain amount of anti-rust agent, commonly used is T501 antioxidant, this ingredient name is not easy to remember, called 2,6-di-tert-butyl p-cresol. It is stipulated that the content of T501 in fresh oil and recycled oil should not be less than 0.3 to 0.5%; the turbine oil should not be less than 0.15%. When the oil T501 content of less than 0.15%, should be added; added when the oil pH should not be less than 5.0. In actual operation, we often encounter, because the turbine shaft seal and other leaks, in order to rust, to join the T-746 rust inhibitor, called dodecenyl succinic acid, rust principle is a good oil Soluble, can be formed in the metal surface of a solid oil film, a comprehensive protection of the metal is not corrosion and corrosion. After adding these antioxidants and anti-rust agent, the water-soluble pH of the oil will be reduced, the actual operation, the use of PH = 4.2 as the dividing line, PH is too low, will be on the turbine oil system of metal corrosion; Will make the oil system rust phenomenon. In short, this acid value and water-soluble PH, is in operation is constantly changing, we have to scientifically analyze, not one-sided most of a certain data.


Flash point refers to the turbine oil heated to a certain temperature part of the oil into a gas, with a little fire can burn, the temperature is called the flash point, flash point turbine turbine oil is a very important indicator, the turbine temperature is high, so Flash point can not be too low, good steam turbine oil flash point should not be less than 180 ℃. Flash point for new oil, is a major indicator, the higher the flash point, the use of turbine oil more secure. Oil quality deterioration, but also from the flash point to low out reaction.


In the final analysis, turbine turbine oil in the daily operation, the main supervision of five parameters: viscosity, acid value, flash point, water-soluble PH, moisture mechanical impurities. As long as the four indicators of the four viscosity, acid value, flash point, water-soluble PH in the specified range, this oil can be used (hereinafter referred to as the four main indicators). Because once the other indicators of the problem, will be reflected in the four indicators out. For example, many people think that the degree of demulsification exceeded, and arbitrarily put the oil scrapped replacement. In general, the degree of demulsification, its acid value, water-soluble PH, viscosity flash point and so will be abnormal, serious oil emulsification, the acid value, water-soluble PH will be greatly exceeded. But in actual operation, many times only break the degree of emulsion exceeded, the other indicators of normal, mainly due to the addition of the oil to reduce the demulsifier, as long as the appropriate point to break the emulsion of the pharmaceutical, you can improve its demulsification. Therefore, a lot of renewable turbine oil, plus the demulsification of pharmaceuticals, can improve the demulsification of the standard. Therefore, it is unreasonable to reflect the degree of demulsification.


Turbine oil is the most intuitive judge the color change, the new turbine oil is generally light, in the operation of the color will gradually deepen, but this trend is relatively slow. If the color of the oil is deepened or shallow, it can not explain the degree of deterioration of the oil quality, must be other test items to be added to prove. Because some of the oil exposed to light, will deepen the color of oil, the different oil turbine manufacturers, oil production process is different from the oil additives, the color change after the operation is different. There are many power plants, turbine oil from light yellow to brown, and then changed to brown and black, has been used for twelve years, which will prove the oil color and oil quality, there is no necessary link.


Turbine oil sludge and sediment, these substances are dissolved in the oil compounds. It is produced by the oxidation of oil itself or the dissolution of external impurities into the oil (the material used in the plant structure is dissolved in oil), which can show signs of deterioration of the oil. Once the sludge is produced, the oxidation stability is checked. Of course, after the sludge produced, the four main indicators will change, acid value is particularly evident.


Turbine oil in the water and mechanical impurities, is also common, the tank at the bottom of the timely discharge of water, is usually to do the main maintenance work.

In the actual operation, turbine oil, due to a large number of water, and did not find in time. Mismanaged power plants, such a thing is commonplace. This causes the oily emulsion to be irreversible, so that the acid value increases, the viscosity decreases, the flash point decreases, and the water-soluble pH decreases, and the oil quality must be replaced. Many use of a year of the turbine oil, may be in the above four major indicators in a target exceeded, I think that is generally no need to replace. Because these four main indicators are interrelated, is touching a whole body, a target failure, most likely to test, sampling the way the problem. I have seen a lot of power plants, turbine oil is taken from the bottom of the tank, so out of the indicators can be imagined. Normal supervision and testing, under normal circumstances from the oil cooler in the sampling, requiring the oil in the pipeline should be free to flow rather than stagnant, to avoid the dead end of the oil. For the new oil sampling, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of GB, I think, add new oil into the tank, each barrel must be detected four main indicators, I met some power plants, lubricating oil will be mistakenly added to the turbine tank Of the matter, the oil as long as the addition of half a barrel, it will make a large number of foam tank engine, and finally add a defoamer, there is no Han, had all the scrap to replace the blood of the facts taught us to add new oil, The


Daily maintenance, in addition to the timely addition of antioxidants in the oil (commonly used T 501 antioxidants), in order to improve the oxidation of oil stability; leakage, leakage unit, should also add anti-rust agent (commonly used T 746 rust) , To strengthen the oil filter cycle, to ensure that the oil in a clean and clean environment. The use of turbine oil purifier is the most commonly used method. Turbine oil purifier is mainly used for fire power, hydroelectric generating units, nuclear power plants, industrial steam turbine and other companies using steam turbine oil. So that the oil has not yet deteriorated in time to be purified in time, but also on the string steam, leaking, aging, acid, bubble, emulsified oil to do purification treatment. It can quickly and efficiently remove the oil in the water, gas, impurities. So that the quality of the oil indicators to meet the "GB / T7596-2000 in the operation of turbine oil quality standards" requirements. To ensure that the unit adjustment, lubrication system to work properly, to extend the maintenance cycle of the unit. Can be on-line demulsification, dehydration, in addition to acid, impurity, so that serious turbidity emulsified turbine oil becomes clear and transparent.


Such as the turbine oil found a test index exceeded, to find out the reasons, not to one-sided the most qualified for a certain index, because the turbo turbine oil in addition to my few indicators, there are liquid phase corrosion , Oxidation stability, anti-ammonia performance and so on auxiliary indicators, a target exceeded, can’t explain what, we do not go to a superstition of a certain expert or a leader, only four major indicators have a problem before considering the scrapped replacement New oil.

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