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Solution For Emulsification Of Compressor Lubricating Oil

August 9,2017.

Air compressor lubricating oils are used in various types of machinery to reduce friction, protection machinery and processing of liquid lubricants, mainly from lubrication, cooling, rust, cleaning, sealing and cushioning and so on. Air compressor oil accounted for 85% of all lubricating materials, many types of brands, and now the world's annual consumption of about 38 million tons.


Air compressor oil emulsification is a very complex process, not a simple air compressor quality problems, air compressor are designed for long operation, air compressor running time is generally 30-40 seconds, such a short period of time, due to Oil temperature is too low, all inhaled water into the air compressor oil, resulting in air compressor oil emulsion, mainly because the compressed air compressor air fleeing into the crankcase caused by its causes are generally:

1. Air compressor lubricating oil volume, temperature, humidity, operating rate.

2. The ambient air humid, inhaled air moisture is too large.

3. The compressor piston ring clearance is too large.


The humid compressed air enters the crankcase through the piston ring gap to mix the moisture with the splashing air compressor lubricating oil, resulting in the emulsification of the air compressor lubricating oil. There is a common misunderstanding, behind the air compressor is a double tower dryer, its role is to suck the compressed air in the water, draining the air in the compressed air is not the function of air compressors.


An effective method for treating air compressor oil emulsions:

1. Open the vent valve, a long time running two air compressor, the best more than 20 minutes or more.

2. Replace the sealing performance of a good piston ring, can effectively extend the oil emulsion cycle.

3. The radiator below the drain valve to open some (opening according to the specific circumstances of the adjustment), there will be some effect.

4. Down the suction duct plus desiccant.

5.The ordinary Lube Oil Purifier only remove the mechanical impurities in the oil, the water is not too much use, need to choose compressor Lubricating Oil Purifier, vacuum oil purifier, can effectively remove the air compressor oil impurities And moisture.


Performance of Lubricating Oil Purifier:

A. Multi-level gradual filtration system: filter by class encryption, import filter (HPM) filter, high precision, long life, repeated use without the need to replace, thoroughly filter out the oil particles impurities.

B. In order to meet the complex requirements of different oil filtration, the machine fine filter with filter replacement interface, if necessary, can be easily replaced with different types of fine filter to meet the different oil filter.

C. Drainage demulsification system, the use of polymer on the polymer material, can quickly break the milk, the separation of oil in the normal water, so that more complete dehydration, more efficient.

D. Three-dimensional complex three-dimensional flash and aggregation separation: rapid and complete removal of oil in the water and gas.

E. Strong wind condensation system: water vapor can quickly condense into water, improve the dehydration rate, reduce the vacuum pump load.

F. Set backwashing system to quickly clog the filter to quickly recoil to ensure that the normal purification, continuous, eliminating the manual removal of cleaning.

G. Liquid level control using electric float controller and solenoid valve combined to achieve automatic oil, automatic balance oil level; precise and reliable control, to avoid running oil; and interlock protection to prevent heat.

H. Balanced heating system: to ensure uniform oil heating, heating speed, but will not cause local carbonization of oil.

I. Fuzzy zone heating control, according to the set temperature automatic control heating system operation, heating the critical point without turbulence, heating more stable and more balanced.

J. Digital intelligent temperature controller, the heating temperature can be set on the lower limit, control stability, temperature display more intuitive. Temperature probe directly detect oil temperature, temperature sensitive, accurate, no hysteresis.

K. The machine has overpressure, over-current, overload and anti-dry and other protective measures to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

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