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Purification Treatment Reduce Degradation Of Transformer Oils

July 27,2017.

Transformer Oil Purification Treatment is mainly for removing particulate suspended solids, oxides, gas, moisture and so on. This is the domestic transformer factory, transformer installation company and the power company normal use of the method, through the purification process, the oil breakdown voltage can be raised to the required level to ensure that oil and transformer insulation in a good state. 

Transformer Oil Purification Treatment is the best maintenance of oil-filled equipment, the biggest advantage is that it can extend the life of the transformer, but also extend the life of the transformer oil. When the transformer oil has not deteriorated to only rely on maintenance to completely solve the problem of the degree of sludge, the oil purification is the most desirable intermediate measures. The process is to let the oil in the transformer and oil purification equipment between the closed circuit, the transformer oil at 60 ~ 70 oil temperature cycle 8 to 10 times, the quality of transformer oil will meet the IEC and national standard requirements, but must According to the oil test. It is important to recoil the oil in the transformer to regenerate the oil, not only to restore the oil to a similar or excessively new oil standard, but also to dissolve the oil aged product deposited inside the transformer by the hot oil cycle In the hot oil, the transformer oil through the regeneration device can remove the oil in the acid, water and oil degradation of other products, that he can play a transformer on a thorough "flushing" role. If you simply replace the oil in the transformer with a clean oil (dirty oil), the transformer is eventually a dirty transformer, the transformer oil will soon deteriorate.

Advantages of Transformer Oil Purification Treatment

(1) To protect the environment, to prevent pollution. The adsorbent reactivation process eliminates the need to treat a large amount of used saturated oil recycle material, eliminating the need for costly waste disposal processes and avoiding environmental pollution of used and adsorbents.

(2) To protect resources, cost savings. Transformer Oil Purification Treatment can save money, and the IEEE Transformers Committee insists that the biggest benefit of promoting oil regeneration is the replacement of expensive oil with appropriate recycled oil, which is usually required to be maintained and replenished during operation.

(3) To extend the life of the transformer. Through the field of transformer oil recycling cycle processing, can greatly improve the transformer insulation resistance, reduce the transformer body dielectric loss, thereby enhancing the reliability of the safe operation of the transformer and its service life. At present, 110kV and below the transformer can be charged for oil regeneration treatment.

The Transformer Oil Treatment Equipment combines filtration system into a set of mobile, vehicle or fixed systems, including oil pumps and their required instruments. The vehicle system can be oil-treated at the transformer site - purification. In the field, the use of vehicle regeneration system

The Transformer Oil Purification Treatment is such that the severely deteriorated transformer oil is simply passed through a bed of clay such as a clay adsorbent to remove most of the cracking product from the oil and restore the oil  to the same operating characteristics as the new oil process.

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