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Portable Multi-stage High Precision Oil Filtration Machine

July 23,2017.

PT Portable multi-stage high precision Oil Filtration Machine with three or more filter elements, lightweight and flexible, simple operation, no pollution. Applicable to electric power, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, machinery, railway and other industries for purification before oil filling.


Multi-stage precision Oil Filtration Machine is for power, petrochemical, metallurgical, machinery, railways, aviation, oil depots, ships, automobiles and other industries, especially for long-distance, high-lift fuel, pumping use. For liquid oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, insulating oil, diesel oil, gasoline engine oil and other liquid media.


PT Portable multi-stage precision Oil Filtration Machine is mainly used for lubricating oil processing and filling, it can quickly fuel effectively remove the water in the water, impurities, to ensure that the unit adjustment, lubrication system to work properly to extend the maintenance cycle of equipment. Using multi-level precision filter elements, the use of three step-by-step encryption filter technology, the former treatment for the negative pressure stainless steel filter, the first level of coarse filter for 50um, large particles of impurities were filtered, the second half-fine filter for 25um, the third fine filter for 5um.


The use of radial folding stainless steel, professional filter high precision, step-by-step encryption capacity of large, can be used repeatedly cleaning, low cost, long service life.


During running of PT Portable Oil Filtration Machine, the pressure of oil in the internal and external pressure by the population into the filter, large particles of impurities are removed, and then into the secondary filter, small particles of impurities are removed, and then fine filter remove 1-5 micron impurities from oil. 

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