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Performance of Transformer oil and Treatment Plant

August 19,2017.

1. Transformer oil is mainly used as electrical equipment dielectric. The main performance of electrical transformer oil is low temperature performance, oxidation stability and dielectric loss. Low temperature performance refers to the low temperature conditions, the oil in the electrical equipment can automatically convection, heat and instantaneous cut off the arc current required for mobility.


2. Generally require electrical transformer oil pour point low and low temperature viscosity.

In the electrical equipment, the oil for a long time by the electric field under the action of heat and oxygen oxidation. Addition of antioxidants and metal deactivators of oil, the oxidation stability is better. The loss of the medium is the degree of dielectric loss of the oil under the alternating electric field, which is generally expressed as the tangent (tanδ) of the dielectric loss angle (δ).


3. In general, the transformer oil at 90 ℃ when the measured medium loss should be less than 0.5%. Cycloalkyl oil due to low pour point, low temperature fluidity, electrical performance, good thermal stability and thermal conductivity, is the manufacture of electrical oil good material.


4. In the actual production process, because of the impact of external conditions, the transformer oil will not be allowed to enter the air, moisture, impurities. Changed the transformer oil a variety of properties resulting in transformer oil lost the use of value. The face of rising oil prices, energy-saving emission reduction has been necessary for the development of modern industry. The development model of the enterprise should be changed from the extensive development mode to the intensive development mode. As a result, the Oil Filter Machine industry came into being. As a transformer oil, the purification by oil treatment plant is completely reusable.


5. According to the different requirements of customers, you can use the oil treatment plant to purify it

Generally, the ordinary oil treatment plant mainly deals with the transformer oil impurities, water and gas separation. In addition to the situation is mainly some of the oil only impurities, or for the transformer oil performance requirements are not high, so the price of the ordinary type of oil filter machine by the majority of customers to accept. Vacuum heating type oil treatment plant


6. For the power sector, transformer factory, etc., for the transformer oil requirements are very high, and the amount of transformer oil is also very large. Every time oil change for them is a new investment advice. So a vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant brings them a substantial reduction in costs. And the price of a vacuum oil filter machine is generally one to ten to twenty  thousands of range, because for different processing capacity, with different models of transformer oil filter so the price will be different. In contrast, the purchase of a vacuum Oil Filter Machine for the replacement of oil, has a higher economic value.

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