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March 26,2018.

  PT Portable Oil Purifier manufactured by ACORE Filtration Co.Ltd provides cart mounted oil filtration machine, which could clean all waste industrial oils and reach NAS 6 grade cleanness. PT portable oil purifier also can install a small vacuum device to separate small mount of water from oil. The oil purifier is versatile within usage and is used to thoroughly clean oil inside tanks or throughout offline barrels and stand-by tanks. The advantage of PT Portable Oil Purifier is that just one machine may be used for oil filtration, oil filling, oil transferring, etc. However, the performance from the machine depends upon usage through factory staff who will need to schedule this from different job areas sincerely as well as religiously.

Application for:
· Hydraulic oil
· Turbine oil
· Gear oil
· Lubricating oil
· Engine oil
· Transformer oil
· Other industrial liquids

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