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Renovation of Fire Resistant Oil Purifier Machine in Power Plant

September 6,2017.

Particle size, moisture, acidity is the most important factor affecting the quality of fire-resistant oil, other characteristics of anti-fuel oil are also affected by these three factors.

Therefore, the control of good particle size, moisture, acidity is the key to maintaining the normal operation of fire-resistant oil. The filtration equipment is a special equipment for anti-fuel treatment in the EH system.


Power plant EH oil acid value and excessive water problems is due to lack of processing capacity of Oil Filtration Machine. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, we must improve the performance of Fire Resistant Oil Purifier Machine.


The original Oil Purifier consisted of a diatomaceous earth filter and a cellulose filter. The diatomaceous earth filter is used for the acidity control of the fuel oil. The diatomaceous earth filter is put into operation when the acidity of the flame resistant oil is increased or the other indicators affected by the acidity are changed. However, since diatomaceous earth is a natural soil, when the anti-fuel oil flows through the diatomaceous earth filter, the impurity particles will enter the oil, so that the cleanliness of the fuel oil changes, so set the cellulose filter to filter particles The cellulosic filter is a precision filter that filters out the impurities produced by the flame resistant oil flowing through the diatomaceous earth filter. But the size of these impurities ranging from the size of different, the use of filters is difficult to filter out. The filtration efficiency of the cellulose filter is usually β3 = 75, and 1.3% of the impurities are still present in the flame-resistant oil. These impurities can cause the servo valve to jam. Therefore, the use of diatomite Oil Filtration Machine is not suitable for continuous operation on-line.


In addition, diatomite as an adsorbent, the ability to deal with acid is also very limited, to deal with low acidity of the fuel is effective. When the acid value exceeds 0.2, it is difficult to deal with, often need to replace several diatomaceous earth filter to achieve the effect; when the acid value of more than 0.3, diatomaceous earth can’t be handled. At the same time, diatomite will release calcium, magnesium and iron and other metal ions, metal ions will lead to decreased resistance to fuel oil resistivity. And after the failure of diatomaceous earth, it reacts with the acidic substances in the fuel-resistant oil to form a gel-like phosphoric acid metal salt derivative, which causes the servo valve to bond, cause the servo valve to malfunction and cause the fuel The deterioration of the foam characteristics.


High moisture content in the fuel oil will seriously affect the normal operation of the EH system. Moisture in the oil in the high temperature and pressure will be hydrolysis, resulting in rapid degradation of fuel oil, and produce gel-like deposition. At the same time, when the hydrolysis of fuel to produce a hydroxy acid, hydrochloric acid is a catalyst for hydrolysis, to promote further hydrolysis, to accelerate the aging of the fuel oil. In addition, the moisture in the fuel oil will also produce corrosion of metal, corrosion of metal parts affect the life of components, it produces solid precipitation, but also affect the particle size of fuel resistance indicators. Therefore, the control of the water content of the fuel oil to maintain the normal operation of the EH system is very important.


The current EH system lacks effective means of water control, and a small amount of moisture in the system is basically absorbed by diatomaceous earth filters.

Diatomite filter water absorption capacity is limited, and requires diatomite filter into the system must be dried before the diatomaceous earth filter once the water will affect its ability to deal with acid. So the use of diatomaceous earth filter to absorb moisture is very uneconomical.


In summary, the Fire Resistant Oil Purifier Machine in the EH system is responsible for anti-fuel oil processing important responsibilities in the EH system is essential, but the original oil filtration machine can’t meet the system requirements, and will bring negative effects on the system Adverse effects. Therefore, the transformation of the original Oil Filtration Machine is imperative.


Program of Improving Performance of Fire Resistant Oil Purifier Machine

1. replace the diatomaceous earth filter with the ion exchange resin filter

Ion exchange resin is the latest anti-fuel oil treatment technology, through the adsorption of anti-fuel oil to absorb the acidic substances, the ability to deal with acid 7 times diatomite, can handle high acidity of anti-fuel oil. The use of ion exchange resin filter instead of diatomaceous earth filter, can greatly improve the resistance of the fuel oil resistance.

I Acting Company in Canada EPT's ion exchange resin filter, specifically for the treatment of fire-resistant oil in Europe and the United States has more than 20 million hours of experience, it has the following characteristics:

a. The acid removal capacity is 5.68 grams of molar equivalent, higher than that of diatomaceous earth, which is higher than 250% of activated alumina and modified alumina.

b. Maintain the acid value of the phosphate ester in the EHC system below 0.08.

c. does not release the metal ions, it will not react with the phosphate to produce gel-like phosphoric acid metal salt, will not occur servo valve bonding failure.

d. Rapid removal of metal ions (Ca, Mg, Na, Fe) from phosphoric acid ester-based fuels for leakage from diatomaceous earth filters. And keep the various metal ions in the fuel-resistant oil less than 10ppm.

e. Increase the resistivity of the phosphoric acid ester to prevent the electrochemical corrosion of the components.

f. The use of spherical ion exchange resin, the particles will not even produce a leak, will not cause fuel pollution caused by fuel.

g. The acidic substances in the antifoam oil are treated by adsorption rather than neutralization, and no moisture is generated during the treatment, so no vacuum dehydration is required.

h. Ion exchange resin in the form of filter in the market sales, filter size and diatomite the same size, you can directly upgrade to replace the original EHC system used in the acid filter.

i. filter with a complete stainless steel structure, will not have an adverse impact on oil quality, working pressure up to 1.0MPa.

j. used ion exchange resin filter can be recycled by the manufacturers, will not cause pollution to the environment.

k. can save a lot of oil replacement costs, oil consumption by 80% or more.

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