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Development of Lubricating Oil Purification Systems –Acore Filtration Co.Ltd

September 9,2017.

ACORE FILTRATION CO.LTD as a manufacturer of Oil Purification Systems, we have been trying our best to research new technology to meet customer demand for oil management at different application.

Now, China has become the world's second largest oil market, as domestic and foreign enterprises to compete for lubricants, who are trying to gain a leading edge in the fierce competition in the market, taking into account the energy-saving emission reduction China petrochemical lubricants company deputy general manager says: "The oil market is the brand dispute, there is no quality without the brand.

It is based on a clear understanding of the importance of quality,to enhance its product quality spare no effort, both from its space technology for civilization of the basic advantages, but also insight into customer needs, technology research and development and product development and world synchronization prospective advantages.

Today, the public demand for environmentally friendly low-carbon environment, lubricants industry and other industries in the pursuit of product quality at the same time, should be "energy saving" into consideration considerations, to provide consumers with "consumer and security" High quality products. Which for many enterprises to put forward higher standards and requirements, but also reflects the corporate brand for the consumer and social contribution value of far-reaching significances.

Lubricating Oil Purification Systems is mainly used to improve the lubricants and purify of oil. Purification technology from Acore Filtration Co. Ltd in the breakthrough is also fully demonstrated in the VLF series of lubricating oil purification system, it not only in the filter parameters, compared with the past has greatly improved. Meanwhile, it also greatly improves the user's work efficiency in operation.

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