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Vacuum Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine –Acore Oil Purifier

September 23,2017.

Oil Filtration System

Oil filtration systems use filters to remove particles. Filter with metal braided mesh plus gradient-shaped ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper filter material, high filtration efficiency, large capacity of pollutants, filter long life characteristics. The machine uses three filters, namely the pump before the oil filter (120 microns), high efficiency pre-filter (20 microns), high efficiency fine filter (1 microns).

Oil Dehydration system

Different liquids have different saturated vapor pressures. At a temperature of 70 ° C, the water starts to boil at about 3 x 104 Pa, and the oil boils at a low pressure of 5 Pa. At the same temperature, the saturated vapor pressure of the oil is much lower than that of the water. Therefore, when the pressure of the liquid level is reduced to below the saturated vapor pressure of the water by evacuation, the water in the oil will undergo severe gasification and overflow from the oil in the form of steam.

Through the suction of the vacuum, the oil enters from the top into the vacuum tank and is sprayed through the nozzle. The moisture in the oil is vaporized in the vacuum chamber and pumped out by the vacuum pump. The oil is removed from the bottom. In the middle of the vacuum chamber filled, so that the spray down the oil dispersed on the surface of the filler material to form a thin oil film to increase the gas-liquid two-phase interface area and extend the oil in the gas space.

The effect of vacuum water removal is mainly related to working vacuum and oil temperature. The lower vacuum, the higher temperature, the better the water removal effect. Oil temperature is generally about 80 ℃, the temperature is too high will accelerate the oxidation of oil. For hydraulic oil, vacuum is generally 600 ~ 700Pa, can make the water content of oil down to 100ppm or less. For the transformer insulation oil, a higher degree of vacuum can be used, the water content can be reduced to 10ppm.

Vacuum Oil Dehydration can effectively remove oil in various states of water, and can remove the oil in the air and a variety of volatile substances.

Vacuum Pump:

By the vacuum tank, vacuum pump, condensing tank, qi system. The use of optimized structural design greatly increases the surface area of the oil in the vacuum system and maximizes the travel of the oil in the vacuum system. So that the oil in the water and gas are fully spilled. The machine uses advanced foam system, so that the oil filter in the work will not appear similar products generally appear fuel injection phenomenon.

Filter Elements:

Using a three-stage filter, suction port coarse filter to protect the pump and extend the life of the main filter. After the pump has two fine filter, so that the oil quickly reached a high degree of cleanliness. Filter material with special gradient pore glass fiber material, can be layered filter particles of different sizes, greatly improving the filter life. Has a perfect filter structure, which can effectively reduce the surface flow rate of the filter, to obtain a stable filtration accuracy.


Using step by step heating, the surface heat load is less than 1.0W / cm2, will not overheat caused by oil deterioration. Oil temperature can be adjusted at 0 ~ 100 ℃, automatic control, and with a protective device, when the current oil is too small to automatically stop working to avoid burning caused by damage to the heater.

Exhaust system:

Using domestic brand name arc gear pump. Compared with other gear pumps, the most prominent advantage is that the tooth profile is not sliding relative to the gears during the gear meshing process. Therefore, the tooth surface is free from abrasion, smooth operation and no sluggishness. The noise is low, the life is long and the efficiency is high. The pump is equipped with a safety valve as overload protection. Adjust the pump pressure as needed.

Control System:

The machine uses inverter, liquid level transmitter, temperature sensor, vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and a series of automatic control instrumentation equipment to run a variety of information, by the central processor for processing, automatic control of the entire equipment Run and monitor the health of the device. The Vacuum Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine comes with a variety of protection devices (overload protection, overvoltage protection, abnormal operation shutdown protection), to ensure safe operation of equipment.

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