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Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier Machine

April 25,2017.

Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier is mainly used for hydraulic lube oil, anti-wear lube oil, compressor oil, Refrigeration oil, gear oil and other unqualified oil purification treatment. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, power boiler blower lubricants, transportation, subway, machinery manufacturing industries. VLF Lube Oil Purifier is a multi-functional oil purification system for all kinds of lubricants. It can quickly remove the impurity, moisture, gas, light hydrocarbon, acid in the oil and improve the oil quality and restore the unique performance of lubricating oil. So that a serious turbid emulsion turbine lube become clear after treatment and ensure that the hydraulic system, power system, the normal operation of the lubrication system.

Contaminants in lube oil:

1. Air will accelerate the oxidation of oil, so that the oil temperature rise from the process of cooling foam, reducing the rigidity of the oil system, the action slow response due to cavitation damage to the lubrication system components.

2. Water is a common pollutant in the oil, it makes the oil become turbid, accelerated oxidation, the formation of water-soluble acid, the additive precipitation, viscosity decreased, lubrication performance.

3. Solid particles: will seriously damage the system components, if allowed to circulate in the oil, it will play a chain reaction wear.


1. The machine process design is advanced, with the hydraulic tank, petrol station technology connection matching online processing can also be off-line processing, high degree of automation, compact size, mobile and flexible.

2. Oil and water separation system: vacuum separation using German vacuum separation technology, three-dimensional spiral spray flash rapid flash evaporation technology, can quickly separate the oil in the water and gas.

3. Filtration system: advanced magnetic filter elements and remove solid particles and iron material, effective control of the working media of iron contamination. The high-quality filter element and the connecting sealing material have high temperature resistance and good mechanical strength to meet the requirement of filtering the high viscosity oil with high heating temperature, thus expanding the range of purifying oil.

4. Heating system: the use of safe and reliable cycle of carbon fiber heating technology to reduce energy consumption at the same time to ensure uniform heating oil temperature stability.

6. Anti-foaming device: Japan's Omron far-infrared defoaming technology to ensure that equipment will not operate in the fuel injection, safe and stable operation.

7. Cooling System: the use of advanced technology of strong air-cooled, medium condensing device, can be quickly separated from oil cooling water vapor, to extend equipment life.

8. Control system: advanced control interlock protection device, over-voltage alarm shutdown protection, phase sequence protection to ensure a reliable long-term operation of the machine. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, automatic protection against fuel injection and many other advanced technologies to protect the equipment fully automated safe operation.

VLF Vacuum Lube Oil Purifier Machine can remove 100% of the free water and 95% dissolved water, also 100% of the free gas and 95% of dissolved gases, and remove 98% of the particulate impurities .

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