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Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
VTP Transformer Oil Filteration Machine With Vacuum Degassing August 22,2018.

Operation Introduction of VTP Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine:

1. Each component of the single-stage vacuum transformer oil filtration machine undergoes operation adjustment test before leaving the factory. After long-distance transportation, it is necessary to check whether the components are intact before arriving at the use site.

2. The choice of power supply, must be able to withstand the maximum current of the machine. The circuit of this vacuum transformer oil degassing machine adopts 380V, 50Hz three-phase four-wire AC power supply, and is connected to one ground wire at the same time. The power distribution cabinet on the transformer oil filtering machine and the wiring of the oil pump, vacuum pump and electric heater should be inspected to ensure a firm connection and reliable insulation.

3. The Transformer Oil Filtering Machine should be balanced before the oil degassing works.

4. Inject vacuum pump oil and bring the oil level to the normal position.

5. The oil pump motor and the vacuum pump motor are tested and started to observe whether the rotation direction is consistent with the mark. If they are inconsistent, the power supply is changed phase.

6. Try to turn the vacuum pump-motor, oil pump-motor with or without jamming phenomenon.

7. Connect the Transformer Oil Filtering Machine to the power supply, close all the outer valves of the oil filtering machine, open the valves on the internal pipeline of the oil filtration machine, and start the vacuum pump. When the vacuum gauge pointer reaches -0.084Mpa, stop for 5 minutes. The drop of the vacuum gauge pointer should not exceed 0.01Mpa. If it is lowered, check whether the connection part of the transformer oil filtering machine has air leakage and other reasons. The fault should be discharged in time.

VTP Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Operating Procedures of Transformer Oil Degassing Machine

1. See the electrical wiring diagram for the external wiring of the control panel. Connect the 380V three-phase four-wire AC power from the inlet hole of the electric control cabinet. The control panel housing should be grounded reliably.

2. Check whether the components in the electric control cabinet are loose and intact.

3. Close the main power switch and the power indicator on the control panel is on, indicating that the power is on.

4. After the power is turned on, the temperature controller will start automatically, the green light will be on, and then the temperature will be controlled.

5. The button is rotated to the permitted working temperature range (40-80 °C), and the heater heats the oil (to prevent "dry burning", the heating can only be started after the oil filter enters the oil after the oil circulation is normal.

6. After VTP Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine stops running, disconnect the main power switch, and then lock the control cabinet door.

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