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Dry Air Generator for Transformers Specifications - ACORE

May 10,2022.

DHP Dry Air Generator is designed by ACORE to provide high-purity dry air with low dew point of -55℃~-70℃ for installation and maintenance of large power equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, capacitor and reactors. It can replace the traditional hot oil circulation, nitrogen supplementation, vacuuming and other drying methods, DHP Dry Air Generator is more efficient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly.

When Transformer Dry Air Generator is installed and repaired, it is not affected by changes in external weather conditions - even in the rainy season, it can be constructed normally. When it is necessary to construct overnight, it is only necessary to seal the flanges everywhere, and the dry air can reach 0.02~0.03Mpa. The workload is greatly reduced, and the effect of shortening the construction period and improving the quality of installation and maintenance is achieved.


1. Removing moisture from the air. The dew point limit of the treated air can be below -70℃.

2. Remove particulate matter from the air.

3. Transformer is replaced by nitrogen-filled or hot oil circulating dry overnight.

4. Dry Air Generator for Transformer provides dry air to ensure the drying inside transformer during transformers installation and maintenance.

5. The cylinder is filled with dry air.


1. Unique desiccant rapid regeneration technology. Dry Air Generator uses fast regeneration technology

2. Qualified dry air is available after 5-20 minutes of operation. Really easy to use, no need to wait.

3. The finished product has a low dew point. The core indicator for measuring the dry air generator is the supply dew point. The lower the dew point, the drier the air. Low dew point dry air will absorb moisture from the transformer to improve the insulation performance of the transformer. Dry air and compression drying, refrigerating drying and adsorption drying are integrated and a multi-stage filtration system is used. The “Strong Composite Molecular Adsorbent” developed by our company, the dew point of air will be rapidly reduced to below -70℃.

4.High efficiency filtration system. With "gradual" filtration technology, the highest filtration accuracy is 0.01μm, and the solid particle retention rate is as high as 99.99%. The first-stage filter has a filtration accuracy of μm, the secondary filter has an over-precision of 0.1 μm, and the tertiary filter has a filtration accuracy of 0.01 μm.

5. Thoroughly discard the adsorbent for heating regeneration. The adsorbent of the dry air generator uses a non-thermal pressure differential automatic regeneration method, eliminating the need to manually bake the adsorbent.

6.DHPDry Air Generator for Transformeradopts the PLC intelligent controller. Just press the “Start” button, the Dry Air Generator will runs automatically, which minimizes manual operation errors.

Know more technical specifications, please go to" DHP Dry Air Generator for Transformer"

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