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Dissolved Gas Analyzer(DGA) of Transformer Insulating Oil

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Dissolved Gases Analysis Of Transformer Insulating Oil

Content determination of dissolved gases in insulating oil by gas chromatography is set, the power supply enterprise to judge the oil filled power equipment in the operation of the existence of latent heat, discharge fault, in order to ensure the effective operation of the power grid safety, but also oil filled electrical equipment manufacturers of the equipment of the factory inspection the necessary means of GAT transformer oil chromatographic analysis system using three detector process standard recommend, a sampling can complete component of dissolved gas in insulation oil (including hydrogen, oxygen, methane, ethylene, ethane, acetylene, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide) full content analysis.

Determination of Gas Content Of Transformer Insulating Oil

Insulating oil gas content is an important index of oiliness supervision. At present, according to the DL/T450-1991 method of making carbon dioxide elution method is suitable for determining not only acid gas containing oil, according to the DL/T423-91 method for vacuum pressure difference method for vacuum instrument is not easy and the existence of the limitations of the.GC-7820 transformer oil spectrum analysis of process design of the system fully in line with the People's Republic of China electric power industry standard DL/T 703-1999< gas content in insulating oil by gas chromatography method in the chromatographic process design. The machine is equipped with the provisions. The thermal conductivity detector with high sensitivity and hydrogen flame ionization detector, and a nickel catalyst converter, can be dissolved in transformer oil nine gas components: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene measuring. Its performance to meet the requirements of gas insulated DL/T 703-1999< chromatograph oil and gas content in gas chromatography ".

Instrument configuration




Gas chromatograph








Conversion device

1The cover

Chromatographic column

1The cover

Chromatography workstation

Special power system

1The cover

Concussion instrument


Standard gas


Gas source

Nitrogen, hydrogen, air

1The cover

Computer, printer

1The cover

Instrument performance

The first sampling, the sample volume is 1 mL, the minimum detection concentration of transformer oil(ul/L):









Minimum detectable concentration(ul/L)








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Subject : Dissolved Gas Analyzer(DGA) of Transformer Insulating Oil

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